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Lead. Write. Do.
Dear Readers,

First and foremost I want to say thank you. Thank you for believing in me and that I may have something important enough to spend a few minutes of your busy schedule reading. Thank for for being a leader in your family, community, church, school or occupation. Thank you for caring about the influence you have on others around you. Thank you for Leading With Love.


Since first reaching out to you I have been carefully working to edit, craft and hone several resources for you that I hope to share with you soon. Each month I will be releasing a chapter from the in the works book, a timely article or a third-party piece to help you in your leadership journey. In conjunction with this we will also be sharing additional resources via a brand new website for you to connect with other leaders on shared topics of interest!


Ultimately it is my hope to provide for you the following on a monthly basis:


1) Encouragement: To remind you that you are greatly loved by God and that through his provisions you are called to reflect His love through your own specific platform and calling.


2) Strength: As a community of leaders we are stronger when we are banded together than on our own; to share wisdom from great works, authors, thinkers and first-hand experiences to allow for "iron to sharpen iron".


3) Endurance: To remember that we are going to face challenges and make mistakes but in doing so we will strive to Fail Better and set our eyes on the greater purpose we are working toward.


Again I thank you for your trust. I thank you for your leadership. And I thank you for your Love. God Bless!


Truly My Honor and Pleasure,


Brian Catanella


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