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Play Their Music

Music I heard with you was more than music. —Conrid Aiken

Every Wednesday night at the Catanella house you will hear the music of one and only one artist playing on our speakers: Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Why? Because that’s the night my ninety-two-year old grandfather comes over to enjoy dinner and spend time with my family. The red wine gets poured, and his seat is ready for him to play all sorts of tricks and games with his two great-grandsons.

Pop-Pop Great knows nearly all the words to the songs. His eyes light up with memories of his beautiful angel Alice who’s waiting up in heaven for him. Come Fly With Me ...

Music is one of those things that can just captivate our souls. I love to ask our guests, “What is your absolute favorite song right now?” Then I’ll use my music app to pipe it through the speakers and watch their eyes light up with a twinkle of joy.

When I’ve asked this question, I’ve been surprised by the answers I get. An Air Force Major loves some obscure techno song. A seemingly shy friend requests Michael Jackson and starts an all-out dance party. Without fail, the music becomes more than music. It becomes a simple but intimate way to connect. That’s why I love discovering their songs.

Connecting and Listening

How might you “play someone’s music” today? Maybe it’s asking about and listening to their story with an empathetic ear. Maybe it’s finding something that fills up their cup in life and partaking in it together. It could even be saying “thank you” or “great job” to someone who least expects it when they pour your coffee or cut your grass.

One of our deepest yearnings as human beings is to be known and appreciated. Finding ways to connect with someone in a genuine way is rare these days, despite the explosion of people searching for affirmation on social media.

When you look someone in the eyes and ask them, with rapt attention, what brings them joy, you will see a conversion take place before your eyes. Talk with someone today, find out what their “music” is, and explore it together. See why they love it and what else sets their soul on fire.

The music will deepen your relationship, and who knows—it could open the door to some pretty amazing memories. Just like my family has with Pop-Pop Great.


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